About Us

We know the value of time so we created a business around saving time for others.


In 2010 our founder Darren worked in a property management company in Chicago. Darren spent countless hours on listing websites such as Zillow Hot pads and craigs list, creating profiles, writing and re-writing apartment descriptions and trying to get the best tenants possible as quickly as possible to avoid vacancies.
He also noticed that many people search for apartments and homes on social media groups, most of which are not accessible to real-estate agents and property managers.

The number of online apartment seeking sites and directories kept growing, and on average, Darren spent 1~2 hours posting and filling out forms for every vacant apartment.
There had to be a better way!
Well now there is.
In 2015, Darren started his apartment listings service full time.
He hired 2 full time employees and closed deals with the most popular directories.
PadsBot was created.

Today PadsBot serves thousands of real-estate agents, property managers, owners and even tenants looking to sublet.
For the price of Coffee and a donut, PadsBot lists the apartment on all the most popular directories, groups and websites – including hard to reach places such as closed local facebook groups, local neighborhood magazines forums and boards.

Padsbot uses a combination of manual work and computer automation to save you hours of boring exhausting work.
And best of all?
There are no monthly fees, no reoccurring payments, no signups and no hassle!