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Find more potential tenants

Put your vacancy listing in-front of more eyeballs, and drive more traffic to your listing on Zillow or Craigslist.

Save time & money

Simply copy/paste a link to your existing directory listing. PadsBot will post a link to your original ad using a network of approved facebook profiles.

Stay in control

Maintain your privacy and avoid the hassle of updating multiple listings. Padsbot doesn’t publish your personal contact details. Users in social media will contact you from the original Zillow listing.

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Reach thousands of users who search for their apartments on local facebook groups.
There is no need to re submit rental information. Users will see a link to your original zillow post.
Access closed groups that only allow private individuals or admins to post links.

View screenshot of your listing on groups with thousands of users from your city.

What fellow property owners are saying

Since I started using PadsBot, my vacant rentals get occupied much faster with quality tenants, owners love it and it helps our bottom line.

Josh Harris
Property Manager

These days most of my tenants find me on Facebook. Group admins don’t allow professional agents like me to post ads, but Padsbot gets me there with no problem.

Avi Goldman
Property Owner